Professional writing and content for B2B sales & marketing

The right words so your message hits the mark and your clients are ready to buy.

Thought leadership

Your competitors are quoted in the news and invited to speak. Why not you? We turn your ideas into sound arguments and points of view. A word of warning: can you handle people wanting you just for your mind?

Case studies

You do great work. Put your claims beyond all doubt with an in-depth case study showcasing your products and services in action and the difference they make to clients.

Bids and tenders

Don’t let poor writing undermine your best shot. Vernacular works with your bid team to create a pitch and supporting documents to tick all the boxes.

Award submissions

Writing a winning award submission is an exercise in storytelling. We write with context in mind, so you tell a story rather than simply state what happened.

Capability statements 

Brand owners sometimes fall in love with features but neglect to highlight benefits. We pinpoint customer problems you solve and explain why your service is the best solution.

News media

We’re not a PR company, but occasionally help clients prepare and manage their messages for news media. We produce pre-prepared statements, media releases, and Q&A interview materials to ensure you sound your best.

Brand articulation

Businesses are good at explaining who they are, but sometimes struggle to convince people why it really matters. We define a ‘why’ that differentiates your business and gels with your clients.

Web and online copywriting

Writing for the web (ahem, Google) isn’t rocket science. We place your key words up front, but not at the expense of sounding human and likeable. And all in bite-sized chunks.

Customer insights

Are you telling the right story to prospective customers? We use customer insights to sharpen your pitch.