Writing for business

Expert writers for B2B technology and professional service providers. When the stakes are high, we do justice to your story.

Since 2013, Vernacular has used words to help its clients sell, grow, change course, and sound plausible in a tight spot.

We believe that facts never speak for themselves – they must knit with a coherent narrative, providing a bridge to understanding, new relationships, and business success.

We’re good with complicated subject matter, writing for B2B companies in technology, professional services, media, and building and construction sectors.

By necessity we get down in the weeds to simplify complex ideas and products and services to make them more meaningful. It’s hard, unglamourous work involving tough questions and critical thinking to ensure our clients’ messages stand up to scrutiny.

Our writing takes many forms, ranging from brand articulation and corporate message development to specific outputs produced on demand, including case studies, by-line articles and thought leadership, bids and proposals, news releases, interview preparation, service propositions, conference and speaking materials, website content, and trade advertising.

Writing work

Vernacular has completed writing and consulting projects for the companies listed below.

Air New Zealand: Passenger & cargo carrier
Alchemy: Network connectivity
Assemble: Construction documentation
Base2: Managed IT services
BIMNZ: BIM industry group
BRANZ: Industry research
CCL: Cloud and IT services
Chillisoft: Security software distributor
EnviroWaste: Waste management
Hawaiki Cable: Subsea telecommunications
Infosys: IT services
Jade: Technology solutions
Media Works: Media and entertainment

MSN: Digital Advertising Network
NEC: Technology and electronics
NZME: Media and entertainment
Opus WSP: Engineering
Pryda: Building and construction
Pyrios: Contact centre technology
Ramsetreid: Construction materials
Revera: Cloud infrastructure
SafetyWise: Workplace safety
Salesforce: CRM
Schneider: Industrial automation
Virsae: UC diagnostics

They say:

Richard is a master at finding the nuggets and explaining them in such a way that people nod their heads and embrace the significance of your story.

– Katie Mills, Chief Marketing Officer, NZME