Customer insights

What you believe about your business matters less than the experience customers want to have. Vernacular interviews your key customers to uncover the truth and build a sales pitch your customers will love.

Customers and markets are dynamic.

But what was true about your company’s point of difference and the problems you solve can sometimes date.

We test the waters, getting inside your customers’ heads to gauge perceptions and the potency of your pitch.

Vernacular interviews key customers to understand their big issues, how you stack up, and what it means for your pitch to prospective customers.

  • We start by reviewing what you believe about your business, your customers, the problems you solve, and your unique advantages
  • Then we develop a discussion guide to steer customer interviews, exploring their needs and issues, and perceptions of your value
  • A picture emerges after three-to-four customer interviews
  • Our summary report contrasts your views with customer perceptions. We explore customer problems, their broader ambitions, and how you can better position your offerings to make them the obvious choice

Vernacular clients have used our insights to refine service offerings and use cases, rewrite capability statements and service profiles, finetune business pitches, and turn up with the right information at key moments in the customer relationship.

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