Case studies

Put the value of your business beyond all doubt with a real-world example of your services in action

Great services, you say. Let customer testimony prove it.

Conveying practical impacts of complex services is tough work. What do improvements to efficiency look like, really? Will they work for my business?

A light goes on when people see your services in action.

Customer case studies illuminate the value of your products and services by placing experienced customers at the centre of a story exploring their business challenges and how your services solved them.

Vernacular clients use customer case studies in sales collateral, website copy, custom publishing, and as a mechanism to promote hero customers to conference organisers, news media, and in roundtable events.

Case studies from go to whoa

We manage:

  • Initial brief and message scoping to determine case study theme and core messages
  • Client interviews to explore the customer’s business and market profile, challenges, first-hand account of the service experience, key benefits and outcomes
  • Writing, routing, editing and final approvals
  • We also manage design for clients who want case studies packaged as sales collateral

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