Thought leadership

We turn your ideas into strong arguments and points of view

True thought leadership brings original perspective to mainstream thinking. It invites people to reconsider their position on a topic, using logic and persuasion to transport readers to a new viewpoint.​

Vernacular does the heavy lifting, helping clients to define their subject and build a provoking argument.

Combining executive interviews, desk research, and synopsis development, we deliver fully formed thought leadership to help our clients demonstrate clear thinking on issues important to their markets.

The finished written product is used to engage journalists, showcase strategic thinking on company websites, and promote executives to event and conference organisers.

Thought leadership musts

  • Novelty: Your views must break new ground. Try linking the new to the old, or repackage existing ideas to create a new context or lens for readers
  • Focus: Deliver a single, overriding message that can be stated in one or two sentences. All explanation and evidence should reinforce the main message
  • Relevance: Your view must highlight a critical need. Readers must believe they share the problem and your advice is the way forward
  • Clarity: Use language and concepts your readers will understand – avoid industry jargon or company terms
  • Don’t sell anything except ideas: Selling during a thought leadership presentation, discussion, or post, is a sin. Your audience is too smart for that caper.

Recent examples

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