News media

News is not about you – it’s what people need to know about you. We make your stories and opinions newsworthy, and your ideas spread.

Clients love getting in the news (for positive reasons) because news media is independent. When your achievements appear in headlines, people notice.

Vernacular understands news gathering and reporting, helping clients to identify potential stories, write media releases and support materials, and prep executives to say the right things when journalists call.

Think like a journalist

  • Why do people need to hear your story? Why does it matter?
  • How are they impacted by your announcement? How is it significant to their working day?
  • News is people doing things: Who’s done what? 
  • News is what’s in the news: Have you got something to add, a new angle on a current story, a plausible contradiction?
  • News is timely: It’s got to be fresh or it ain’t news

Recent examples

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