Writing business: this week at Vernacular

Customer case studies kept us busy this week. We interviewed the CIO of a state-owned enterprise to understand why he moved his organisation’s IT from a legacy platform to the cloud and how our client’s technology helped him do the job.

We loved writing the case study about a one-time IT contractor who developed and launched a beauty franchise, using our client’s sales technology to spearhead the rollout of 20 salons.

Executive blogging required a little existential thinking. We interviewed a client’s commercial managers – the company’s designated thought leaders – to extract their views on issues affecting customers. The conversation, combined with desk research, will form the basis of a blog series.

On the marketing front, we found the right words to articulate a new service that will launch a B2B technology client into new territory. Answers to six questions crystallised essence and created a message framework for advertising.

Good honest fun.