Vernacular wins 2023 CEO Global Award

I don’t normally post on LinkedIn. However, on this WFH Sunday, I must. Because I’m super excited (commercially aroused, actually) to announce that I have been selected as a winner of the 2023 CEO Global Award for outstanding leadership, vision, and entrepreneurship representing VERNACULAR LIMITED – per abridged email I received earlier today.


CEO Today Magazine Global Awards 2023 —Winner Notification

Dear Richard,
CEO Today magazine is in the process of notifying all winners of the 2023 CEO Global Awards and your assistance is required.

Through its rigorous selection and judging process, CEO Today Magazine is delighted to inform you that you have been selected as a winner for a 2023 CEO Global Award for your outstanding leadership, vision and entrepreneurship representing VERNACULAR LIMITED…… 

Yours sincerely,

Georgina Cook
CEO Today Magazine
Awards Manager
E –
W – CEO Today Magazine
T – +0044 1543 227 984


What’s even more super exciting (a feeling slightly more elevated than beyond excited) is that we’re still in 2022 – which means my exceptional leadership extends to future years.

The winner’s gong is all mine for a meagre 795.00 GBP * / 1080 USD for which I will receive 1 x Full Page, Biography + Firm Profile and/or Q&A style interview, including headshot image, area of expertise, accolade title, firm logo and contact details.

I’m honoured to be recognised for my outstanding leadership talent. Feeling humbled, too.

In fact, so humbled that my fingers were compelled by an invisible force to log into my LinkedIn account and type these words, which might just explain why so much humbleness finds its way onto LinkedIn.

As I reflect on my most incredible career, its many blessings, and great learnings (packed in), I’d like to share a story that will resonate with influential leaders everywhere, who like me possess giant shoulders on which so many others have stood.

But first, let me adjust my black turtleneck sweater (an exposed neck is a serious vulnerability in the business world). There, that’s better.

I grew up in a mansion, fighting to survive. Aged 4, I started giving motivational lectures to elders in my street. One day, when I was leading a mindfulness session before facilitating our twice-daily Agile standup, a gaggle of UX designers summonsed me to their quarterly strategic review. I took this as a rare opportunity to ask them: “When was the last time you hugged?”

Everyone talks about their success, but not corporate hugs. Download my ebook right now and I’ll show you how you too can exploit the unlimited power of corporate hugs.

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