Just the good stuff

This week’s best bits from around the web.

Studying jihad? … Why Britain’s universities produce so many radical Islamists.

What to Worry About in an Iran Nuclear Deal.

Milk and economic development … No use crying.

How Facebook’s Chief Geek Will Meld Reality With the Oculus.

How Music Hijacks Our Perception of Time … A composer details how music works its magic on our brains.

Predicting earthquakes … The chickens are restless.

The Mercedes Robo-Car That Made Me Want to Stop Driving.

Electrified … Adventures in transcranial direct-current stimulation.

Reading the Game: the greatest sports stars often seem less hurried than the rest. But what does this mean exactly? Ed Smith stops the clock to find the answer.

3 Ways Adidas Plans To Take The Sportswear Industry By Storm.

One Way to Phase Out Newspapers: Make Them a Luxury Good … The New York Times should make the print edition more expensive before switching to online only, BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti says.

Great Escape … On Normandy’s coast a century ago, Claude Debussy fled the war and composed his final piano masterpiece.

How the Grimm Brothers Saved the Fairy Tale.

The Man Who Tried to Redeem the World with Logic.

Same Difference ... A metaphor is like a—well, what, exactly?

A Talent for Sloth … Ten years as a lookout on a fire tower requires a particular aptitude for idleness.

Sweet crude man camp … The life of oil workers in fracking boomtowns is filled with enormous uncertainty and propelled by the promise of big money.

The odd tale of the clever octopus … Wearing a seashell as a disguise, the wily and merciless veined octopus stalks an unsuspecting rock crab.

The World Changing Ideas Of 2015 … 14 of the most important trends, theories, and inventions that are going to re-shape business, society, and the planet in the year to come.

How Idealism, Expressed in Concrete Steps, Can Fight Climate Change.