Business case studies: are yours putting readers to sleep?

Mystery and suspense keep people reading.

But delivering knife-edge moments is tough work when subject matter is devoid of main characters and flashpoints.

Is this why so much business writing is boring?

Just the facts, a few more features, that’ll do nicely.

Business technology providers are the biggest sinners. And they know it. Their software and services are complex and their promotion is loaded with abstract terms that often perplex rather than enlighten.

To their credit, they hire people like me to breathe life into their communication.

Case studies help.

In showcasing how their offerings are put to work by customers in the real world, business technology companies introduce flesh and blood to communication and illuminate positive differences their solutions make to the people who bought them.

For these reasons, customer case studies are the mainstay of B2B marketing.

However, the format’s popularity is almost its undoing.

Case study writers follow slavishly a formula that charts the ‘problem’, solution and benefits.

And while these questions must be answered, that doesn’t mean sticking to the same format.

Mix it up.

There are plenty of ways to introduce characters and intrigue to business writing.

Call us and we’ll share a few examples.