Here’s what I think

I’ve made a small addition to Nicely Said, called ‘Here’s what I think’.

A reader told me how much they enjoyed Nicely Said, but wondered if I should offer something of my own other than pithy intros to other writers’ stories. They suggested advice of some sort, or perhaps an expository piece on an industry issue. But there’s plenty in that pile without me adding to it.

So I’ve decided to tell you what’s on my mind, if only to provide a glimpse into it, in case that makes a difference.

This and more in Vernacular NICELY SAID issue 28.

  • Will they notice? – Beware egocentric bias
  • Make something wonderful  – The Steve Jobs archives
  • AI – The wholesale appropriate of culture?
  • Failure  – Celebrating the world’s greatest flops
  • Books – Not just about Amazon
  • Company soul – The story of Uniqlo

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